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In viewing avant-garde film it is most helpful to suspend questions like – where are we going – how it is going to end – and, instead perceive the fundamental experience of the film itself.


The first cut triggers ideas […] and lets you see what actually happens between two shots.


Gunvor Nelson



Moving Images NEWS August 8 2018


A new video - Metaphors. Watch it for free on Vimeo.



Videothèque Art Stream - now also on ROKU and AppleTV through their proprietary video content distribution apps. Now with five of my video works.




Videothèque Art Stream has launched! More than 600 art videos are available for viewing for a small fee. Three of my video works have been selected by their curators; Acid Rain, One Way Elevator and Urban Etude.





On the Internet: Pretto film's homepage, Shooting People, The Official Pretto film Channel on YouTube and Vimeo.


Art Television, on the internet and cable, (Paris) - several films (2009-).


Salon des Refusés - Stockholm, Djurgården, July 1 - October 2 2011. Travel Mindscape Triptych (2010), 14 minutes, video.


Video artist Anders Weberg - contributed with material for a mobile film, Expose Yourself. Screened in Island 2011, now on Vimeo.


Roxy Bar in London - Stockholm | London Noise (2009), 3 minutes.


SVT Kobra - Swedish Television's homepage for the programme KOBRA, Vogler's Dream (2007), 1 minute.

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If you want to see more stills from my videos, view my book PRETTO FILM SHORT FILMS

2007 - 2011 for free on PHOTOHOME.


To watch my videos, please select an external link - SHOOTING PEOPLE or VIMEO.

Photography and film - it is all about one picture at a time. I like to explore the movement in a photo and the non-moving parts in a film sequence - and try to combine them into some-thing unexpected.


Bo G. Svensson


Photo: Hommage à Gunnar Smoliansky

Hommage à the Swedish photographer Gunnar Smoliansky - a true master.


Hommage à the Swedish painter Roj Friberg.

Photo: Hommage à Roj Friberg


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