I discovered that the most interesting music of all was made by simply lining the loops up in unison, and letting them slowly shift out of phase with each other.

Steve Reich


The music that I was playing and writing in those early years, that I was importing to Europe, was quintessentially New York music in a way that I always hoped it would be. I wanted my concert music to be as distinctive as Zappa at the Fillmore East, and I think I ended up doing that.

Philip Glass

Words Without  Music: A Memoir

August 8 2018

Listen to a new piece called Stalker Reborn on SoundCloud.


Now you can listen to a selection of my electronica directly from the home page.

Work in progress: soundscapes and electronica for the new video Pickup | Tracks. So far some tracks for trailer 1-5. Watch them and listen for free on Vimeo. All other tracks on SoundCloud.


Soundscapes and electronica are an important part of my video works.

Natural sounds, mixed and edited/transformed, are the base for the soundscapes.

My electronica is simple but I try to make it work well with the pictures, moving and non-moving.

Photography and film - it is all about one picture at a time. I like to explore the movement in a photo and the non-moving parts in a film sequence - and try to combine them into some-thing unexpected.

Bo G. Svensson