Moving Images


In viewing avant-garde film it is most helpful to suspend questions like – where are we going – how it is going to end – and, instead perceive the fundamental experience of the film itself.

The first cut triggers ideas […] and lets you see what actually happens between two shots.

Gunvor Nelson

Moving Images

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Kulturhuset Skylten, Linköping, Sweden 2020.

On the Internet: Pretto film's homepage, Shooting People, The Official Pretto film Channel on YouTube and Vimeo.

Salon des Refusés - Stockholm, Djurgården, July 1 - October 2 2011. Travel Mindscape Triptych (2010), 14 minutes, video.

Video artist Anders Weberg - contributed with material for a mobile film, Expose Yourself. Screened in Island 2011, now on Vimeo.

Roxy Bar in London - Stockholm | London Noise (2009), 3 minutes.

SVT Kobra - Swedish Television's homepage for the programme KOBRA, Vogler's Dream (2007), 1 minute.