Day: Deputy Chief County Heritage Advisor. Night: a filmmaker working in video, sound and photography.

I am a filmmaker working in video, sound and photography and primarily concerned

with questions about the mystery of time, memory and its infinite combinations and

interactions of layers - and the secret language of buildings.

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Photo: JH Edvardsson 2017


I make videos. Short ones, between 3 to 20 minutes. I do everything myself; script, video, editing, electronica and sound-scapes. This is essential for me. UPDATES

Photo: Mornington Hotel 06:00 AM


Photography is an important part of my work, though I am not a photographer - I use the camera to make pictures, not take them. UPDATES

Photo: JH Edvardsson 2017


Soundscapes and electronica is a vital part of my way of making ideos. Synthesizers and analog

sounds are my tools. UPDATES

Photo: Mornington Hotel 06:00 AM


Eleven artist books. Some photo-graphs are published in Älskade Stockholm 2011 and 2012. UPDATES

The blog is in Swedish but with many photos and interesting links. Read about different works in progress, see the first stills from ongoing

film projects, urban snapshots, read my reflections on interesting books in art & film and get links to Spotify -

my soundtracks of the night. 


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